3 Key Areas to Focus Your Finances on in Business

By Margaret.

In business, there is a never ending lineup of things to spend money on. If you’re a startup company, the expenses feel like an even greater burden. There is no way to get around the money that needs to be spent to get a company going, but there are definitely wise ways to spend the money that will bring you greater cash flow in return for your investment.


If you’re a business owner who is searching out advice on ways to spend money that will be more lucrative for you, here are 3 key areas to focus on:


You can go to school and conferences and do a million things to become a better business owner, but if you spread yourself too thin and try to learn everything, you’ll become mediocre at everything and never really become a master of one. People who specialize often make better money because they’re the ones who know the intricate details of their craft. Find the thing you’re going to be really great at and for everything else, consider seeking out advice. If you’re going to spend money somewhere, spend it on an advisor who can tell you what to do when you’re not so sure yourself.


In today’s world, marketing is of utmost importance. Most companies allocate about 9 percent to 11 percent of their budget to this category. The reason is because marketing gets a company’s name and brand out there. If nobody knows that you exist, you’re not going to able to sell your product or service. The better your marketing strategy and the more money you spend on marketing, the better you’re going to do as a company. Of course, money can be spent pretty frivolously, but with the right game plan, marketing will do wonders for your business, so make the investment there.


Employees are the bread and butter of your business. If you spend time and money on them and make sure that you’re hiring quality people from the get go, you will save yourself funds and headaches later in the process. In the hiring process, spend your finances crafting a hiring program that you can compare potential employees against. Also, spend money in the beginning fashioning a training program that is effective and will train your people the way you want them to be trained.

In business, there are a million different ways to spend money. You have to make sure money is being spent in the right places. Focus on getting advice from credible sources, marketing your brand in the right ways and training your employees to do well from the beginning. If you do these things, you’ll be on the track to success.

Oct 26, 2016