4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Get the Best out of Your Reusable Carrier Bag

By Margaret.

Reusable grocery bags can help you reduce your plastic waste only if you do your part. These bags are commonly made from sturdy materials such as cotton or jute and they usually have comfortable carry handles to be used as everyday shopping bags. In theory, they are great. You are supposed to carry them around everywhere you go so that you don’t have to take on-time plastic bags from stores. However, in practice, it’s often seen that reusable bags often end up gathering dust as customers often forget to take them along. A lot of stores order environmentally friendly custom carrier bags online to hand them out to customers. These bags are sturdier than regular disposable bags and they can be reused multiple times. This means you don’t even need to buy reusable bags. You can go to one of these stores and you can get one for free just for making a purchase. To make sure you get the most out of your reusable bag, here are 4 simple tips.

Treat it Like a Regular Bag: To be able to use them like regular bags, you first need to give the reusable carrier bags the respect they deserve. Just because you get them free from stores doesn’t mean you need to treat them like disposable bags. Most high-end stores give out quality reusable jute or cotton carrier bags. They usually are sturdy enough to carry a descent load. They also look good enough, so you shouldn’t have a problem carrying them in public. We are so accustomed to disregard things that we get for free, that these bags even after being perfectly reusable endup in the trash. A change in mentality is in order. Next time you get a free reusable bag from a store clerk, treat it like a gift. The best way to do that is by hanging it alongside your other bags at home.

Keep Them Clean: The problem with cotton and other natural materials is that they attract a lot of dust. However, much like cotton t-shirts, you can put these bags in your washing machine along with your clothes for a quick spin. As long as it looks new and clean you would have no problem taking it out on the street.

Create a Habit of Folding It in Your Purse or Bag: If you get a reusable carrier bag that can be folded inside your purse or bag, then why not use the feature? By keeping it inside your regular backpack or purse, you automatically eliminate the chances of leaving it behind when you go out. Create a habit of folding the bag inside your everyday bag as soon as you get home from the store. This way you will never have to consciously remember to carry the bag. When always packing a disposable shopping bag, you would never need to ask for disposable bags again.

Create a Collection: What happens when stores give you free reusable bags when you already have one with you? If you are not planning to throw them away, then you can take them and start a collection. That way you will have reusable carrier bags in all sorts of colors. Apart from matching them with your clothes, you will have extra bags for those monthly shopping runs.

Jun 22, 2018