Hello! It’s me. Yes if you have come this far then you obviously want to talk to me. So, here I am!

What I can offer you when you contact me is a lot! Like anything to do with questions, queries or even a tip or some advice on how to bargain then i’m your gal.

What do I ask from you? Some Feedback! Feedback is always good for us bloggers as we can learn and experience what you see as readers. Then, I can take in what you have told me and put it all into my site as you told me. If you can tell me any problems or any suggestions you can tell me, use the contact form below!

I do accept guest posting! Whatever you want to submit I am open to reading. But, I do want you to follow the guidelines of my site as I will be more likely to post if they do follow the guidelines:

  • All guest posts submitted to my site should be at least 600 words or more
  • All guest posts should be original because I will be checking if it isn’t real content
  • Facts presented should be true and all opinions must be your own
  • Content should be the same as content on Insane Bargains so anything to do with saving money.

Technical problems are always an issue with sites and blogs. If you do spot a problem then it is always good to let me know. If I do know, then I can sort out the issue as soon as I can. If you’re unsure, then contact me anyway!

If you just want a general chat or any advice on how to get these insane bargains, then I am always here to talk!

I do look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me using the form below:


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