Four Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bill During The Cold Months

By Margaret.

When cold weather sets in and makes its stay for the months of winter (even when it comes during the fall and stays through the beginning of spring) one of the first things you’ll notice, aside from needing a thicker coat when you go outside, is that your heating bill, and sometimes even your electric bill, have gone up. You don’t have to tolerate a huge hit to the monthly bills, there are things that you can do in order to save money on these bills. Here are a few things to try.


Get Repairs Done Ahead Of Time

When you know that cold weather is on the way it’s time to get some repairs done on your heater, or at least have a professional come in and give it a once over. You want to make sure that it will be running at its full potential. If your heating is struggling to heat your home it could run up your bill pretty quickly.

Make sure you know what to look for to keep your heater running tip-top. Know where filters are and how often they should be changed out.

Cover Windows And Seal Doors

You can help keep your heat in your home for a longer period of time if you take some time to deal with leaks and drafts in doors and windows. You may notice that your heater comes on often, and that when it goes off, the heat doesn’t seem to stick around long. This is a huge sign you need some sealing done.

You can buy plastic that is made to cover windows, and some of it is even made to shrink when you take a blow dryer to it. You can use it on doors that don’t get used during winter months as well.

Bundle Up More

You can save money on heating bills by putting more clothing on too. Instead of cranking the heater up add an extra blanket to the bed, get a snuggie, or add a sweater to the outfits you wear on a daily basis. Most people would crank up a space heater if they needed to warm up, but that can draw a lot of energy and make for a hefty electric bill, along with your expanded heating bill.

Check Your Insulation

The insulation in your walls and attic could also have a lot to do with how much heat is staying in your home or getting lost. If it seems like your home isn’t holding heat it may be time to have someone come in and check your home’s insulation. Getting your home reinsulated could save you a good deal of money on heat bills, and even electric bills in the summer when you have the air conditioning running.

Nov 24, 2016