How to Line a Gift Box with Tissue Paper

By Margaret.

Anyone who enjoys giving gifts will tell you that the presentation is just as important as the gift itself. Of course, it’s what’s inside that is going to be remembered and cherished most of all, but the presentation is the first impression, so it makes sense to spend a little time getting it right.

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Smaller items – such as pieces of jewellery – are often given in gift boxes, with tissue paper used to provide both cushioning and another layer of wrapping to part before the surprise of the gift itself. Here’s how to lay that tissue paper down correctly.

Firstly, take the tissue paper which you’ll be using and spread it out on a flat surface. Next, lay your box on top of the paper and use a pencil to lightly place a mark at the top and bottom of the box. You may now put the box to one side.

Take the tissue paper and fold the edge, lining the fold up with the pencil marks you just made. Ensure that it goes straight across, parallel to where the edge of the box would be. Make a light crease. Now fold the bottom edge up to meet the pencil line, once again making sure that it is straight. Make another crease. Next, take a second sheet of tissue paper and fold it to match the size of the first.

You may now take the box and place it on the table before taking one sheet of the tissue paper – with folded sides facing upwards – and laying it inside so that the right edge is against the inner right of the box. Do the same with the second sheet, placing the left edge up against the inner left side of the box.

Finally, take your gift and place it gently in the middle of the two sheets. Fold one side of the tissue over the gift, and then the other side. If the ends go past the edge of the box, just tuck them under. Place the lid on the box and, for a final flourish, tie it all up with a ribbon. Your gift is now ready to be presented – enjoy watching their face light up.

Feb 04, 2016