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Hi, everyone! I’m pretty excited about this blog project I have started because, if we work together, we are going to save some serious money. I’m not a bored housewife that has nothing better to do than get online and rave about how cheaply you can live. No! I am a consumer, like everybody else, and I want us to be paying the right price for an item. I am sick and tired of propping up billionaires who sell for exorbitant profits and at a price that is considerably above what you can get it for if you shopped around.

I got a little passionate there, folks and forgot to introduce myself. My name is Margaret Gonzalez and I live in Chester, which is not all that far from Liverpool. I’m a single woman living in an apartment in the Grosvenor area and my crazy cat, Achilles, keeps me company, and amused. I work for an advertising company online. If you have ever wondered what life is like being an online worker, no office to go to, no work colleagues and no gossip around the water cooler, then I can tell you it’s marvellous. I do miss the interaction but I do not miss the daily commute.

Back to the subject at hand. We as consumers, tend to shop around when we are purchasing something big, and I don’t mean a house or a car. If you didn’t do your homework buying those big ticket items, then you deserve to get ripped off. No, what I am talking about might be a food processor or a smart TV, maybe a microwave or a desktop PC. You can either go shop to shop or online and find the best buys. But they are not always easy to hunt down. One of my top tips is to utilise price comparison sites to find the best deals. Spending hours online researching isn’t appealing for everyone, so I try to use websites like OnlyReviews.com to find the best deals on the best products.

What sort of items are we talking about and how much can you save? Here’s an example. Your food shopping costs hundreds of quid a year, right. If you spent £75 a week on groceries, that means you spend £3900 a year. If you could save 10% – 15% a week by shopping around, you would have an extra £390 – £585 extra in your kick annually. What would that extra money pay for? Grocery shopping is one of your primary expenses. You need to look at specials in supermarkets a lot more carefully.

How often do you just skim over cheap food ads on TV or in a magazine or the daily newspaper? Do you take any notice of end aisle specials in supermarkets? Do you compare container sizes of the same product from different suppliers? It’s not only food specials I want to hunt down. Clothing, theatre and airline tickets, restaurant meals and phone call and data loads are all areas where money can be saved. I will have a special area for your contributions. Spot a deal? Post it on that page so everyone can take advantage. Happy shopping!

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