Shopping Mad!

By Margaret.

As you know I am into finding the best bargain for whatever it is I am going to buy. Not only does that satisfy me personally but also financially. An offshoot of this is that retailers, wholesalers, anybody that sells anything, have to be aware that they can’t just hike prices up whenever they feel like it. Festive times are ideal for retailers, not so good for shoppers because there is a universal excuse for making things that little bit dearer. The best bet is to buy in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas!


Along with this crazy need for people to find the cheapest price for a particular article has come the shopping app. You just can’t live without some sort of application on your phone that doesn’t have the most up to date information about the current and best prices and the names of places that are offering huge discounts.

The most surprising thing is that there hasn’t been a new app developed in this niche for some time. I wonder if that’s because the Amazons and the Shopify’s have almost taken over the world! It’s times like this that I wish I was an ios developer and had the technical background to create my own app. Seeing I don’t have that ability, the next  best thing is to find an ios developer that can help you with your idea. There has to be a way that you can tie all the information on the sale of specific items into an app that is going to direct a shopper to the best deal. Can you imagine the rush by retailers to be on top of that list enough times to attract a crowd?

So where is an app development company that has the necessary resources to be able to get my idea off the ground? I need an app like Red Laser that will tell me where I can buy the item I am about to purchase at the cheapest price and location. I like that other app Vouchercloud as well that searches for discounts at retailers and restaurants when you’re out and about. If you like the odd tipple of a glass of red or white while relaxing at home in the afternoon, then Wotwine is a handy app as well.

In a recent article, I was talking about shopping at Lidl and Aldi and how you can get one supermarket selling the same item for a lower or more expensive price. You need to be armed with that information when you are about to start your grocery shopping. While it sounds like madness if you drive from one supermarket to another, let me tell you that the savings that are potentially there will at times shock you. Check out Mysupermarket app. You won’t worry a lot about the inconvenience when you find that extra money in your pocket every week is enough for a lovely holiday…overseas!

Coding and Development
Mar 10, 2016