Top Bargains of 2016

You’re saying, “Hey, this is a bit ambitious. It’s only 28 days into the new year and they say top bargains of 2016!” True, it’s a little early and we’re jumping the gun a bit, but it’s never premature to announce some deals out there that can save you a few quid. Most of you are still recovering from your Christmas buying, no doubt, and the last thing you need is to be told that there some more, potential money to part with. The choice is yours, of course, but the bargains are there.

I’m going to start with a reasonably expensive item. A laptop computer. I just bought a new one myself and as is usually the case, just after you buy something like this, there’s a rush of discounted machines released onto the market. I’m no computer nerd but I know this much. The minimum specifications as far as I am concerned are:-

  • 8Gb RAM
  • 500Gb HD
  • i5 Processor

But not everybody can afford a laptop with those specs so my recommendation is the HP255 G4 at £270. It has 1TB HD, 4Gb RAM and a Radeon Processor and a big 15” screen. There are some specials associated with this model if you take a lesser processor and a smaller HD. £220 will buy it! If you like to play online games or games that require HD quality, this laptop is not what you are looking for.

Sorry about the geeky stuff but to be honest, I’d be lost without my laptop. How else could I get my blogs to you guys?

  • If you have booked for some holidays and your luggage looks like it’s been dragged behind a plane during flight, then here’s a super special. A Tourister luggage set that usually retails for £349 is on an unbelievable discount to £139!
  • Husband’s birthday coming up and he’s a handyman? Or are you a handywoman. A cordless drill, Black and Decker, going for £35 instead of £91.
  • Are you looking for quality sound through your earphones? Travelling on the Underground, in a bus, jogging, at the gym or wandering around the house chilling out with music, good earphones are essential. Yurbuds were £28, now £7.
  • Are your partner’s undies looking like they need replacing? Do you wear men’s boxers to bed? A 3 pack of Hanes boxers have been reduced from £13 to £4.

Lots of bargains are available after the Christmas shopping blitz. Shops stock up with goodies hoping to see most of them but as we know it’s not always the case. January is usually a slow retail month and stores need to turn over their stock. This strategy also applies to food in supermarkets. The tinned and packaged food is what I am talking about.

Don’t forget what I said about coupons either. Check the back of your supermarket shopping docket and always look for the stuff stacked at the end of the aisles in the gondolas. Happy shopping!